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Have you moved?

Please ensure you update your new Address with USCIS immediately and change your Driver License to the new State within 30 Days. This is a regulation for all Non-US Citizens including Green Card Holders.

Please note that you will not change address using a Petition receipt number like H1B or I-140, this will update the Employer record with your address. You may do so for any dependent H4 Petitions.

DO NOT UPDATE MAILING ADDRESS ON YOUR H1B/I-140 PENDING CASES, It is illegal to update employer Address with USCIS to your address. Unless it's an H4 or H4 EAD Case.

How to Change Address Online?

Click Change Adress USCIS

Is this change of address for an application or petition currently in progress?



And change your address by providing an old and a new address. See attachment for more information!


Pay Period Pay Date
Week Start Week End
12/1/2013 12/14/2013 12/27/2013
12/15/2013 12/28/2013 1/10/2014
12/29/2013 1/11/2014 1/24/2014
1/12/2014 1/25/2014 2/7/2014
1/26/2014 2/8/2014 2/21/2014
2/9/2014 2/22/2014 3/7/2014
2/23/2014 3/8/2014 3/21/2014
3/9/2014 3/22/2014 4/4/2014
3/23/2014 4/5/2014 4/18/2014
4/6/2014 4/19/2014 5/2/2014
4/20/2014 5/3/2014 5/16/2014
5/4/2014 5/17/2014 5/30/2014
5/18/2014 5/31/2014 6/13/2014
6/1/2014 6/14/2014 6/27/2014
6/15/2014 6/28/2014 7/11/2014
6/29/2014 7/12/2014 7/25/2014
7/13/2014 7/26/2014 8/8/2014
7/27/2014 8/9/2014 8/22/2014
8/10/2014 8/23/2014 9/5/2014
8/24/2014 9/6/2014 9/19/2014
9/7/2014 9/20/2014 10/3/2014
9/21/2014 10/4/2014 10/17/2014
10/5/2014 10/18/2014 10/31/2014
10/19/2014 11/1/2014 11/14/2014
11/2/2014 11/15/2014 11/28/2014
11/16/2014 11/29/2014 12/12/2014
11/30/2014 12/13/2014 12/26/2014
12/14/2014 12/27/2014 1/9/2015
12/28/2014 1/10/2015 1/23/2015
1/11/2015 1/24/2015 2/6/2015
1/25/2015 2/7/2015 2/20/2015
2/8/2015 2/21/2015 3/6/2015
2/22/2015 3/7/2015 3/20/2015
3/8/2015 3/21/2015 4/3/2015


Welcome to Hire IT People, LLC, we are pleased to market your resume and provide you with a suitable opportunity with our Direct and/or Third Party Clients.

This document is intended to explain the steps you need to follow to help us with our marketing efforts. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our assigned Sales person or Sales Manager.

We submit your resume to various companies including our direct clients and third-party clients.

Please ensure you represent "Hire IT People LLC" as your Employer, when you are contacted.

Hire IT People > Direct Client Resume submission: You will only receive an Interview call, there may not be any calls from Client’s Recruiters.

Hire IT People > Preferred Vendor > Client Resume submission: When we submit your resume, you will receive phone calls from Recruiters from vendor companies, you ask them details about the project and client name. In most cases, recruiters will notify you/us when a resume has been submitted to the Client. You may even receive a phone call from a recruiter from another vendor with the same job requirement. Again, you waant to ask details and get the Client’s name. If you know that the resume has been already submitted to the same client, you want to just say, my resume has already been submitted; to avoid double submission. In some cases, recruiters may not share the Client’s name – You may have to identify the job by location and job details. Please maintain a spreadsheet with Company, Name, Phone, Email, Client Name, and Location for all confirmed submissions. However, our Sales personnel will work with you and constantly update you with the submissions.

Please also note that rarely resume may get routed through multiple parties, which may be beyond our control, please notify us if you have noticed that too many recruiters are involved for a position.

Any requests about Immigration status or pay rates, please tell them to contact your Employer – Hire IT People, LLC. We do not want recruiters to take advantage of job seeker’s desperation. If you are not sure of anything simply direct them to your assigned Manager at Hire IT People, LLC. Good luck!


H1 Transfer or H1B Visa Extension can be filed under H1B Transfer Premium Processing by paying a fee of $1225.00 to the USCIS towards the H1B Premium Processing Fee and filing a form I-907.

The H1B Transfer Premium processing time frame is 15 Calendar days. However, if an RFE is issued (Request for Evidence), requesting additional information; 15 day period will reset to another 15 days.

If the H1B Transfer Premium Processing petition is filed properly, you may even expect an approval in 3-4 Days. We strongly believe that proper documentation for a trouble free approval by the USCIS is the Key. If you are looking for an H1 Transfer, please call us Toll free at (800) 693-8939 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


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Pay Dates for 2013

Period From Period To Payroll Date
12/2/2012 12/15/2012 12/28/2012
12/16/2012 12/29/2012 1/11/2013
12/30/2012 1/12/2013 1/25/2013
1/13/2013 1/26/2013 2/8/2013
1/27/2013 2/9/2013 2/22/2013
2/10/2013 2/23/2013 3/8/2013
2/24/2013 3/9/2013 3/22/2013
3/10/2013 3/23/2013 4/5/2013
3/24/2013 4/6/2013 4/19/2013
4/7/2013 4/20/2013 5/3/2013
4/21/2013 5/4/2013 5/17/2013
5/5/2013 5/18/2013 5/31/2013
5/19/2013 6/1/2013 6/14/2013
6/2/2013 6/15/2013 6/28/2013
6/16/2013 6/29/2013 7/12/2013
6/30/2013 7/13/2013 7/26/2013
7/14/2013 7/27/2013 8/9/2013
7/28/2013 8/10/2013 8/23/2013
8/11/2013 8/24/2013 9/6/2013
8/25/2013 9/7/2013 9/20/2013
9/8/2013 9/21/2013 10/4/2013
9/22/2013 10/5/2013 10/18/2013
10/6/2013 10/19/2013 11/1/2013
10/20/2013 11/2/2013 11/15/2013
11/3/2013 11/16/2013 11/29/2013
11/17/2013 11/30/2013 12/13/2013
12/1/2013 12/14/2013 12/27/2013
12/15/2013 12/28/2013 1/10/2014
12/29/2013 1/11/2014 1/24/2014
1/12/2014 1/25/2014 2/7/2014
1/26/2014 2/8/2014 2/21/2014


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H1b Transfer Urgent

If your H1B Transfer is urgent, please call us 24X7 at (800) 693-8939 Option 1 Read More about the H1B Transfer Process 

Hire IT People, LLC provides a rewarding career and provides excellent benefits to H1B Non-Immigrant Workers. Our expert HR Specialists will work with you for a smoother Transition from your present H1B Employer, we will negotiate with your Client or Vendor to move your Project to our Company. We have expertise in professionally handling Billing/Project Transfers and the entire H1B Transfer Process from Purchase Order through H1B Approval.


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USCIS Site visits - H1B




USCIS randomly performs site visits on H1B Employees to ensure that the H1B was properly filed and you are actually providing services at the Client location as specified in your H1B petition (I-129). USCIS may perform a site visit at a client site or may visit our offices and request a phone conversation with you.


We are sharing some inputs based on our experience, please do not panic if you happened to have a site visit and you are being questioned by an Immigration Officer. This is a pretty standard process and there is absolutely nothing to worry, please provide answers to the point and do not overreact. If you do not know an answer or you are confused, you may say I need to check with my Employer.  

When officer(s) meet with you, they usually explain the nature of their visit and request for some information, if you need to call us before talking to the Officer; you may seek officer’s permission and say “I would like to report to my Employer, before we go on with our Conversation”


Q: . What is your name?

Please give your full name as on your passport and/or H1B.


Q: How long you are in the US?


Answer officer accordingly

6. How long have you been with your employer?

Specify the duration with Employer


Q: Please provide ID/Driver License, DOB, Address, Last four of SSN


Please provide as requested. You must have an ID from a state where you reside, if you have not updated beyond 30 day period and you have moved, please change immediately. It is illegal to live in one state and hold a license/ID from another state (in most states)


Also, please update USCIS when you have moved and every time you move, you may update online at: https://egov.uscis.gov/crisgwi/go?action=coa


Q: Who is your Employer and address?

Provide Information

Q: Who is your  Reporting Manager, HR Manager?

Provide Name of your Manager at Employer  and for Human Resources,  I report to HR Manager at Employer (Name). For timesheets  and client issues i coordinate with  (whoever you work with at the client place)


Q: What is your job title with Employer?


This is exactly the Job title on your I-129. Please ensure to check your Job title on your I-129 petition. For Example: Your job title is Systems Analyst and you are performing duties as an SAP/ABAP Consultant at Client’s site; you don’t want to say SAP/ABAP and confuse the officer.


Q: What are your job duties and/or skills or type of work you do?


This where you explain your job duties, like a .NET Developer, Java Programmer etc. Please be simple and sweet as they don’t have much time.


Q: Whom do you report to?


I report to my Manager at Employer.


Q: How often you report and how you report?


I send weekly written reports, (you must be ready with copies of reports with both signatures from you and Employer if requested) and we talk almost each day about  the project. If necessary, I will visit my employer in NJ to provide an update on tasks and also when I need any assistance.


Q: Can the Client Manager fire you?


No, my Employer is Employer and only they have the ability to fire me.


Q: Can the client assign you additional duties/assignments?


No. I only work under the direction of my Employer, only my Employer can assign.


Q: Were you given a copy of LCA?




Q: What is your salary?


Please provide salary details as mentioned in the I-129 or provide present pay. Please check if you are Part-time; if you are, please call us for any clarifications.


Q: What benefits you get?


I get all benefits like medical insurance (if you have waived, please say so), travel expenses, 401k, FSA, Paid Vacations based on our initial employment agreement.


Q: If you loose this job and will the company buy a return ticket?


Yes, my Employer will pay return transportation if the employment is terminated.

Q: Have you applied for green card?

 Answer officer accordingly

Q:Who is paying for green card and H1B?


Q: How many employees does the employer have?

Please refer to I129 page 3.This may change from time to time, since new employees may be added or some employees might have left the company.

Q: Do you get sick leave?

Yes, according to the initial agreement.

Q: Are you using any software or hardware given by your employer?

Employer provides laptop (if I have not waived) and also provides tech support when needed.  I have access to various tech articles and software. Apart from that, employer provides us with necessary books if requested as and when they are  required.

Q: Does your employer evaluate your performance and how often?

Yes, there will be an yearly performance evaluation based on my job knowledge, Work Quality, Initiative, Innovation , Communication , Client Satisfaction (if applicable) .Accordingly, I will be appreciated about my good work and suggestions will be made for any areas of improvement and salary increases.

Q: Who does your performance evaluation?


Q: Please provide a copy of educational evaluation(if applicable), degree certificate and last paystub.

Please provide them as requested .Please note that if you have a Masters in USA, you do not need evaluations. Only foreign degrees need evaluation.

Q: Does your employer have any other employees placed at this client site?

Please answer accordingly.


1) Is it possible to apply for H1 transfer (w/ I-94 extended without going to home country) to your company using present receipt notice while extension is in progress? or I have to wait for my extension approval to do H1 transfer (w/ I-94 extended)?

A: We can process H1B Transfer with the Receipt Notice, using that as a Bridge. We can get an I-94 extended; you may not have to go to home country.

2) If I waited for my extension approval but if it is denied before applying transfer, still is it possible to apply for H1 transfer to your company with same H1 cap before leave to home country? 

A: If your present H1B is denied and we apply for a transfer; you will not get an I-94 and you will have to travel and get a visa stamped at the Consulate. If you feel that the present pending extension may be denied, you must act quickly.

3) If my H1 transfer is applied in premium while extension in progress and approved before extension, but if my extension case with my employer is denied, will it affect transfer approval (w/ I-94 extended)?

A: It will not affect the new H1B, as we have filed when it is pending. You will remain in status.


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Resume Preparation

Dear Candidates,

This Article is intended to help you in preparing a Professional Resume for IT Consulting/Contract Positions in the United States. As a matter of fact, a professional and a properly written/formatted Resume is the first and the last step to land that dream job!

This Article is based purely on my personal experience working as an IT Manager and a Senior Technical Recruiter for number of years. You may use contents of this Article to prepare your resume and prepare for Interviews at your own risk. You may seek help by calling me at (800) 693-8939 Option 1, I am willing to provide FREE assistance.

You may be experienced or a fresher, please do not copy/paste and start editing a resume, you need to work on your own resume. It is a very common mistake candidates do – In order to elaborate a very well known Technical aspect that they have knowledge and experience, candidates simply copy and paste from various sources – This may lead to unwanted confusion during Interviews. Please write and format resume yourself before seeking professional help.

Standard Resume Structure:

Rule # 1– A Resume must be properly formatted with the same font and size, justified and checked for any grammar and spelling errors.

Rule # 2– Please ensure you save your word resume in “Word 97-2003” Format. If you saved and sent in an .RTF (Rich Text Format) or a latest format line .DOCX; Recruiters may not open your resumes due to version impacts. I guess Recruiters need more time to fully upgrade to latest word versions.

Rule # 3– Please ensure you maintain proper line spacing (Select Paragraphs, Right Click > Paragraph > Spacing)

Rule # 4– Do not insert any unwanted images, you may add any certification logos under the header, I do not recommend doing so.

Rule # 5 – Make sure you remove any XML Data and Personal information. In older versions – Go to File > Properties and Remove all Properties. Newer Versions – Go to File > Properties > Check for issues. Please don’t ask me where that is, you are an IT Consultant and these are just basics of a Word Document.

Rule # 6– If you think that your Resume is technically well written and you do not care about any of these rules, please stop reading this Article.

Section 1: Summary of your Experience, Skills and Highlights

You will briefly describe your domain experience, and few bullets about your work history including major areas of work History. Please keep this as concise as possible, in other words not more than half a page.

Section 2: Technical Skills

As a rule of the thumb, avoid inserting Technical Skills data into fancy Tables.

Section 3: Education and Certifications

You will provide information about your education with the year of completion and certification details. If you have Certifications like MCSE, Java or Brain bench, make sure you enter the ID or Certificate number with the year. I have noticed that some candidates list this information at the end of the resume, that’s fine too!

Section 4: Work History or Experience

Now, this is the toughest and the most important part. With years of experience in Recruiting Candidates for various IT Positions, I have noticed that even Senior Candidates do not explain their work history relating to job descriptions, roles and responsibilities. They often end up with a Resume with absolutely no keywords that reflect their knowledge and experience. I will discuss more about optimizing your resume with rich keywords after this Section. Don’t scroll down, read this first!

For each Project or Employment, please list the following (Latest Project First)

Sub-Section # 1Client/Project Name, Location, Dates

(Example: Acme Incorporated/Online Ordering, New York, NY August 2010 to July 2011)

>Sub-Section # 2Job Title or Role

(Example: Java Developer, Lead QA Analyst, Security Specialist etc.)

Sub-Section # 3 Project Description

This area should contain description/information about the project you have worked, I suggest more in terms of what the Project is about; not what the client is about. I do not recommend providing information about the business nature of the Client. If you worked for Microsoft, you have no reason to narrate a story about their business; the whole world knows about it. Please make sure you be specific about the project description.

Sub-Section # 4 Roles and Responsibilities

In this sub section you will explain your roles, job duties or responsibilities while working on a project. It is strongly recommended to show these in bullet points, so it is easy for anyone to get a quick understanding of your experience.

Sub-Section # 5 Environment or Technologies

Dumbest Thing: I have seen lots of resumes with no information about the Environment and/or Technologies that were used on a Technical Project. How will someone know the Technologies you actually worked on, if you have not provided this information for a project.

You want to ensure that you have listed all the Technologies and the Environment of the Project.

(Example: Windows 2008, SQL Server, ASP. NET, SSRS, Dream Weaver, Java Script etc.)

***Please make sure you repeat Section # 4 for Each Project***

 ABC Government, New York, NY                                         February 2009 – February 2010                                                                                  

Role: .Net Developer

Information System [IS]:The IS application monitors the development of Enhancements programs and brings out its evaluation and improvement. The IS application gathers information from source , processes it and generates program indicators and reports. The users are allowed to upload excel data files and store the data in database server after validation .The end users are allowed to view the data as reports. The indicators are generated by the application based on the user selected data. This application was developed in C#, .NET 3.5, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005/2008, Windows 2000 Server


  • Participated in developing critical applications, Analyzed requirements, Application development, design,Enhancement of IT Systems as a primary Developer.
  • Participated in Re-Architecting PMIS System Portal and ESEP Suite of Applications
  • Designed and developed user interfaces using ASP.NET web forms and C#.
  • Participated in migration from Java to .NET Platform
  • Extensively used Microsoft AJAX Toolkit to create AJAX based applications.
  • Developed the application using ASP. Net, WPF and AJAX.
  • Extensively wrote Code using C#, .Net 3.5, ASP.NET
  • Worked within OO Concepts and Design Patterns utilizing c#
  • Application developed based on work items and designed in Visual Studio 2008
  • Worked extensively on Database Design,Data Architecture,Database Tuning, Capacity Planning, Database Resizing, Database Backup, Database Testing, Database Recovery.
  • Reports were generated using SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services).
  • Generated XML files using SSIS(SQL Server Integration Services) on SQL Server 2008 and Writing in MS T/SQLSS
  • XML Validated with Object-oriented development process
  • Used Web Services to check interoperability between Software ApplicationsSS
  • XML Validated with Object-oriented Programming Technique
  • Full understanding of framework, libraries and Used Model-View-Controller design patterns.
  • Implementation of business requirements using ADO.Net, Stored Procedures, Writing MS T/SQL, UDFs and Database management.

ENVIRONMENT: C#,.Net, Java, Java Applets, Java Script,C#.Net 3.5, Visual Studio 2008, Team Foundation Server (TFS), ASP.NET,Microsoft AJAX Toolkit ,SQL Server 2005

KEYWORD MAGIC (Keywords are Flesh and Blood of a Resume)

Wait, let’s talk about the Keywords and the Magic they can do. As an insider, and a Recruiter myself, I would like to expose the magic of Keywords – Let’s get a little deeper into the importance of keywords and we will try to understand certain aspects.

Why keywords play a major role on your resume?

How resumes are parsed by Resume parsing programs?

How resumes are read/searched by Recruiters and Hiring Managers?

How and why we reject or disqualify a candidate in minutes?

When a Job is received from a Client or for an Internal Job requisition, recruiters will have access to hundreds of resumes in their database, job boards and a result of multiple submissions when a job is posted on the Internet or broadcasted to Marketers or Job Seekers. A recruiter may receive over 50 Resumes for a single job opening and may not have time to read each resume and call each candidate. An experienced recruiter has birds eye view on a resume and may filter resumes by just taking a glance at the resume. As I described earlier, a well formatted resume will grab the attention of a Recruiter and he/she will proceed further to Interact with the keywords on your resume to make sure you have the experience in skills as required by the Job opportunity.

A resume may just go through a Parsing System even before it gets into hands of a Recruiter and may be rejected by the Parser itself.

How parsers work?

Resume Parsers perform Resume analysis and Resume Parsers extract skills, qualifications and experience from a resume. A Resume Parser is a program that retrieves the information about a candidate's qualification, skill, keywords and experience. These parsers are widely used by Recruiters and hiring Managers to analyze, evaluate and shortlist applicants.

Resume analyzer performs thousands of calculations within few seconds and records candidates data of work experience, education and skills into industry standard HR-XML format.

There are generally three types of Parsers : keyword based parsers, grammar based parsers, and statistical parsers.

Keyword-based parsers are the simplest and the least accurate. They try to identify words or phrases from given key words. These parsers fall deficient when the terms of skill, qualification or experience contained in the resume are beyond given key words.

Grammar based parsers are guided by grammatical rules. The grammar rules help the parser understand the meaning of every sentence, and thereby extract relevant information. Grammar based parsers are able to acquire a higher rate of accuracy.

Statistical Parsers attempt to extract numerical figures from the text of resume. Statistical parsers can achieve a very high rate of accuracy in data extraction.

Using Resume Keywords: Your Resume must have a set of keywords reflecting your skills and work experience.

For Example: If a Job requires a “Java Developer” with 4 years of experience with “Web sphere(This is the Keyword)”, you must have this keyword reflecting in your Summary (Preferably), Technical Skills, and projects covering at least 4 Years. The keyword must be present in your Roles and Responsibilities and Environment and Technologies.

You must list out all keywords based on your Skills and experience and ensure these keywords repeat everywhere in your Resume.

A Parser or a Recruiter search for keywords based on the job requirement and filter resumes. If a Recruiter needs to find a Particular skill in your resume, say “SSIS, SSRS” – Recruiter will simply hit CTRL+F and find this keyword in your resume and will check to see how many years you have used that Particular Skill. If the Recruiter did not find it, he/she will go to the next resume. If the Recruiter found all skills based on the Search (Find), he/she will than start reading your resume and than possibly call you to discuss the Job opportunity. (Please read other Articles – Dealing with Recruiters, Interview Preparation)

The bottom line is after you have completed writing and formatting your resume, make sure you read the resume to properly use Keywords or at least search (Find) keywords yourself. I hope you understood the importance of Keywords.

I would strongly recommend that you also prepare a separate Skills Matrix with information about your skills, years of experience, last used and send when you apply for Jobs. This helps recruiters to understand your Technical abilities in a glance. This really works, see a sample below.


Experience In Years

Last Used (Year)

ASP. NET & C#.NET under Visual Studio .NET

 8 Years


TSQL, Stored Procedures (MS SQL 2000/2005)

 8 Years


Functions, Indexes, and Triggers (MS SQL 2000/2005)

 6 Years


Database Tuning and Performance Monitoring

 6 Years



 8 Years


AJAX, master pages, style sheets, and themes

 6 Years


MS DTS or MS SQL Server Integration Services

 6 Years


Source control: Dimensions SVM, Visual SourceSafe

 6 Years


I request you to share or like like this page on facebook, if you feel this information is useful for your career, please click FACEBOOK LIKE on this page, so that your friends can also take advantage of this Article – This will also motivate me in writing similar Articles – Thanks! 


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H1B Transfer FAQs


Q: I'm planning H1 transfer to a new company. My last pay stub is from March 2010 (since then, I have been on leave, partly for medical reasons). My employment  has not been terminated. Visa is valid until 2012. Can I do safely transfer to a new company ?


Can I use pay stubs from March and/or medical reasons (statement from the company with doctors note) to explain my status? I traveled abroad recently  for 2 weeks and just got back. Now I'm fine and ready to change the company.


A: Yes, why not. That's perfectly legal. You may go on Vacation, Leave without being paid. As long as you maintain a relationship with your Employer by sending a written request and your employer approves the same.


Q: Who has to pay h1b related fees? employer or employee? Can employee pay this fees in this recession to get the job?


A: Employer always pays the Fee.


Q: My H1b visa got stamped in July 2008.But i came to US in May 2010. My spouse attended for H4 visa stamping in Hyd consulate in mid of August 2010. VO after going thru all the documents ,said that your husband I797 status is in revoked state.They took her passport and asked her to mail the latest I797 as you might have missed that document.Once we receive the document we will send your passport in a week days time. When i contacted my employer ,i came to know that my I797 got revoked automatically in April 2009 and they have sent a mail to USCIS that they haven't revoke my I797 and they receive one more I797 in september 2009. So we have sent the latest I797 date september 2009 to consulate mail id. They called my wife and said that still the status of I797 is showing revoke.

Send us the update one.i have updated the same to my employer .They contacted the immigration department and they said that they are working on it and will get back in 3 working days. It was almost more than 2weeks.


A:  If the H1B is revoked, they can never get back to you in 3 days. This Employer may have revoked your H1B in error. USCIS performs an administration revocation if any fraud is involved. You must move your H1B ASAP.



Q: I have been issued a 221g Green form at New Delhi Consulate. This is my first visa stamping experience. He ticked on all the check boxes.End client letter, internal project description, submit client letter, wage reports, w2 forms, notarized list of employees.My employer has told me not worry and said they will give me all the required documents. I want to know if my employer gives me the required documents and we submit them in 8-10 days. How much time on an average does it takes for the US Consulate to process the case at their end? My visa stamping is already delayed I was supposed to get it done last year(recession.... _. Now this additional delay is happening. Please advice and share your experiences with me.


A: Usually it takes 1-6 Months


Q: I have a question regarding H1B Visa transfer. I came to US in 2007 to pursue a Masters degree from a very reputed university on a F-1 visa.

In 2008 a company gave me an offer to do an internship during summer of 2008. I submitted this offer letter to the Office of International Education and got the CPT authorization. For some reasons this company told me they were having difficult times with the bad economy and therefore will not be able to continue with the internship.They didn't send any letter regarding this to the university. Therefore I just stayed at home during summer of 2008 and didn't do anything. In fall of 2008 I got a fulltime offer from Another company B thru which I got my H1B visa sponsored in 2009. I am right now on H1B and have visited india couple of times after that with last month being the latest. I have secured an offer from another company C which is a big online retailer and they are in process of Transferring my H1B. Is there a way there can be any complications to my visa transfer due to the CPT issue?


A: CPT is Optional, no issues with H1B Extensions. I am sure you maintained your F1 Status, your CPT employment may be unpaid too.



Q: My H-1B document I-797A was approved by the California USCIS centre on August 09, 2010, about 5 days before the expiry of my driver's licence. When I took the documents to the DMV office, they did not renew my licence and said that  the information is not showing up in their records. Today it is 21 days without the licence. I have contacted several people, but still don't know what exactly they want. Did anyone had similar experience and what did you do?


A: Go to the local USCIS office and ask for a Letter to DMV. Make sure you carry all documents and explain the officer about the problem.


Q:  I am holding an H1B visa with my current Employer. My H1-B visa stamp expires on May 25th 2011. My I-797,  H1-B is valid through September 30th 2011 and the I-94 card. At the moment, I would like to move to CA to find new H1B Employer and get an H1-B Transfer. If I transfer employment to  employer after MAy 25th 2011 and before September 30th 2011, will this be an h1-b transfer or is it a new h1-B or apply for h1b extension?


The validity of your H1 is determined by the I-797 approval notice and the I-94 that came with it. If the H1B  Approval notice states that the visa expiry date is 30th September 2011, that  means that you can work for your current employer until that date.


Q: I was on H1B visa in my old company until June 30, 2010 (I-94 expired June 30, 2010). I got a new job and I applied for new H1B with intented employment start date as July 1, 2010 . The USCIS received my H1B premium processing application on June 24, 2010. I got I-797 finally on July 7, 2010 instead of July 1, 2010. I started working from July 7, 2010.


My questions are :


1. Am I allowed to stay in USA legally from July 1 till July 6, 2010 ?

2. Am I allowed to work under portability from July 1, 2010 till July 6, 2010


A: 1.Yes, as you had a case pending - This is called 'Status provided by the Attorney General"


2. You may not. Portability applies only when you have a valid I-94 and you move to a new Employer. The bridge petition allows you to work.


Q: I have been on H1B since Dec 2003. So this is my seventh year on H1B based on a I-140 approval petitioned by my current employer.But my employment is in danger now. If I switch employers now, what does the new company have to do to transfer my H1B? How does it affect the green card process?


A: You may switch H1B with the I-140. However, ask new Employer to file a new PERM labor, and Port I-140.


Q: I work for Infosys. Direct employer in Pune. I am working for a US client for which Infosys has a contract with for 5 years. Now i have to go for stamping in September end. What will be the client letter in this case.Will the client letter be considered as from Infosys or the US Client which is the client i am working with.Infosys is going to pay me.


A: You need to get a Letter from the End/Actual Client NOT Infosys, even though Infosys is paying you.


Q: As we are aware that H1B cap for 2011 is still available (till 28th August cap reaches 34,900 count) and my current employer is planning to file my paper for the same, but my question that if we file  my case say on 10th September, 2010 then how soon i'll get H1b stamp if everything goes fine? If its take say 2-3 month, then is it good idea that first i will travel through B1(which may requires 2 weeks to get process) and then apply for H1B (ideally after 2 months as rejection rate is less) but here my biggest fear is that if by that time if H1B cap get filled then what will happens, will i still eligible to get H1B? So finally please guide me whether i will wait and directly go with H1B visa and for time being go with B1 visa and then file H1B? and how good is the H1B premium processing in my case?


A: You better try for Premium Processing after Travelling on H1B so you can start working right away.


Q: I am working for company A on L1b and company B has filed a h1 petition with coS. If it gets approved (with the new i94) by Sep17, I am planning to submit my resignation by 20th giving them a two weeks notice. My question is: Is it possible for the L1 company to cancel the l1 between 20th and october 1. If they cancel, will the COS become inactive?  Can I still join Company B on Oct 1 (even if company A cancelled my l1 before oct 1), without having to get the visa stamped by going to my home country?  Will this situation force me to go to home country for stamping?


A: 1) You must maintain status until Sep 30, (Make sure your Employer filed a COS to begin 10/01)


2) You better resign on 30th of Sep to maintain Status - Else, you will be off status for 10 Days


3) If it is a COS and your H1B Comes with a new I-94, you don't have to go for stamping. You can work, if you need to travel, you need an H1b visa Stamping. Good luck!



Q: My employer has hired me as a full time employee. It says so on the offer letter. But on the H1B I-129 application, they have written 'part time' employee working for 25 hours a week. Even the LCA says part-time in the papers. Will this be an issue when I go to get the visa stamping? Also, this is my only project that i got as of now. So, is there a min. number of hrs,

I need to work while on H1? Is 25 hours legally approved?


A: You may need an offer letter as Part-Time. There is no limit of work hours under FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act). You should not have any problems at Consulate if you are working 25 Hours and it's perfectly legal.


Q: My H1 transfer to another company is approved. Now, I don't like move from present employer, though my H1 has been transferred, can I continue with my current Employer?


You may continue to work with your present Employer even though H1 transfer has been approved. You may inform the other Employer that you will not be accepting the transfer due to personal reasons. You may continue to work for your present employer as long as you have not reported for work with the new employer that applied for your h1-b visa transfer.


Q: I am holding an H1B visa from a Non-Profit Employer. Here are my Questions:  I have a job from a FOR-PROFIT Employer, am I considered into the quota?


It depends - If you got your previous H1B under non-profit quota (there is no quota actually), you are subject to quota when a for-profit company files your h1b. Please check with your present employer, if they filed when the regular quota lapsed.


Q: I just checked my status for H1b online, it says they have approved my petition. My employer had told me that he hasn't received any e-mail from USCIS, also she said they might have approved the petition for 1 year, so has anyone received approval for 1 year? Is there any option to check it online whether they have approved my petition for 1 year / 3 years?


A: Wait until you get the original. Employers get emails only for Premium Processing. Employer will know the duration of approval only when they receive the original for regular processing. If the employer said one year, they may have requested only for 1 year or USCIS approved only for 1 year based on your Client project.


Q: My company applied for my H1b extension through regular processing in the month of March. The receipt date is 22nd March '10. My file was submitted at the Vermont  service center. I had completed only few years on my H1B. The case status still says "Initial Review". Do anyone know how long it takes for the approvals to come through these days? The average processing time in the USCIS website says it is 2 months. But it's been more than 3 months now and there is no progress yet. Is it taking longer time now for the approvals to come through?


A: It is taking little longer now. If you are in an urgency, ask Employer to upgrade to Premium Processing.


Q: My husband worked for State University, his H1B expired May 14 2010. He has changed his employer to University of ABC, starting August21.  His new employer has filed H1B petition before May 14 but the request to extension of stay was denied. now he became out of status and need to go to  Canada to get new I-94. Is the trip to Canada necessary? Is there any other way to get the I-94?


A: No other way,He must go to a Consulate, he may have to go to home country for stamping. As he may not get a canadian visa, if he is still here in the United States, he is overstaying and may result in a 3 Year Bar.


Q: I have a fulltime job with company A in India. I received a job offer from company B in the US, for an IT consultant. Now,  Company B filed for my H1B visa, which is  approved. I have taken an appointment at Chennai consulate for stamping. Now, company A in India, does not want me to resign and said, we will file an "H1B Transfer" and send me to their US offices.



I have never worked for Company B and I am still in India. Is it possible for me to still get H1B transferred to Company A?


A: You cannot transfer the H1B  to Company A without first stamping the visa and traveling to USA. You will have to re-stamp for Company A before you Travel. You may enter the US and work for Company B for at least 3 months before the H1 visa can be transferred. Your h1 transfer petition can be  be requested only if you have 2-3 pay stubs from Company B.


Q: The petition was sent and received on 18th Aug 2010 under premium processing. Got receipt on 19th Aug 2010 and website for Vermont Service Center shows Acceptance ( the first step). There is no update since then. It is direct hire. 15 Calender days would end on 2nd Sep 2010. Still no update means RFE?


A: They will definitely update either with an RFE or Approval. If 15 Days have passed, ask Employer/Attorney to send a mail or call the USCIS. They even refund the $1000.00 if the case is not adjudicated in 15 days.


Q: I came to US on H4 and converted to H1 in 2007. H1B validity is upto Sep 2010. I want to convert to H4 due to personal problems. My Question is:


1.What documents are needed for converting from H1 to H4 from my side and from my spouse?


2.Can i apply online myself or I have to post documents to USCIS?


3.Can I apply without attorney as I maintained my status as of now and also having all payslips. Any idea about the attorney fee?


4.If I apply online how the documents will be sent to USCIS like payslips, spouse H1,....?


5.Do i have to specify any reason?


6.Suppose if I apply  for COS on Sep 15 and USCIS recieved on Sep 15th then what will be the last of my H1B. Is it Sep15th? Please correct me!


A: 1.What documents are needed for converting from H1 to H4 from my side and from my spouse?


You need your paystubs and spouse's paystubs. Apart from that, your I-94, spouse's H1B/I-94, Marriage Certificate.


2.Can i apply online myself or I have to post documents to USCIS?


Use form I-539. It's easy.


3.Can I apply without attorney as I maintained my status as of now and also having all payslips.


Any idea about the attorney fee?


Yes, you can apply. If you need a cheaper service check Hotvisas.com. About $150.00


4.IF I apply online how the documents will be sent to USCIS like payslips, spouse H1,....?


Send a physical form. If you apply online, you need to print receipt and mail documents. (I do not know if they still have I-539 Online)


5.Do i have to specify any reason?




6.Suppose if I apply for COS on Sep 15 and USCIS recieved on Sep 15th then what will be the last of my H1B. Is it Sep15th? Please correct me!


September 15th. You are right.


Q:  I am planning to go to Mexico for my H1 stamping, but i have some doubts regarding my W2.  In 2009 i was in USA only for 5 months (Aug - Dec). So my W2 for 2009 shows less salary. I was out of country for some personal situation. I have all the paystubs of 2010 till date. My W2 for 2008 is ok, it does have full salary. I also changed my employer in May 2010 (which is a good/big financial company). I also got my H1B approved from this new company till 2013. Now my question is that, as my W2 shows less salary for 2009, will it be an issue in stamping? Could it be a reason in rejection/cancellation of my visa if i go for stamping in Mexico?


Should i go for stamping this year or just wait for another year, so that i will get W2 for 2010 and then go for stamping?


As a side question, is it advisable to go to Mexico for stamping in this situation or should i go to my home country (India)?


A: You should be ready to explain the Visa Officer, that you were not in the Country and you are not required to receive pay. You should be good, it is not required to maintain status with pay when you are not in the United States.

You may go to Mexico, it's easy.


Q:I am planning to attend my interview for my H1b Visa Extension in Hyderabad, I don't see any dates in Hyderabad for september. I'll be in India from Sep 5th to Oct 1, since I stay in Hyderabad I want to attend the interview there. I heard that there would be agents who book the appointment dates if we provide them with basic details, can someone help me with any of such agent details.


A: This agent thing may not be legal. Don;t get into trouble.


Q:  I got laid off in March from Company A. Then consulting Company B filed a  transfer petition for its third part client. Company A filed termination on  my H1B. The transfer got denied for the non-existing employer-employee relationship. Company B filed an Appeal. Now the case is pending in AAO.

I have three questions:


1. Have I legally stayed in US before getting the decision from Appeal?

2. Company B is willing to reassign me to its direct client and want to   file another transfer. Can company B do this? Should I go out of US to  get a new visa stamp if approved?

3. Can I go back to Company A? How should company A do to bring me back   after it revoked my H1B?



1. Have I legally stayed in US before getting the decision from Appeal?




2. Company B is willing to reassign me to its direct client and want to

file another transfer. Can company B do this? Should I go out of US to

get a new visa stamp if approved?


Yes. You may not have to go for stamping, if USCIS approves an extension of stay with an I -94


3. Can I go back to Company A? How should company A do to bring me back

after it revoked my H1B?


They have to file a new H1B too.Same story!


Hi, My situation: I came to US in 2005 with a H1B visa. In 2007, i went back to India and my company filed for an extension. But USCIS sent a RFE and my company decided to withdraw the extention. I dont know the actual contents of the RFE. My company then filed a L1 visa for me in 2008 and i am back in US. My questions: 1. Can I transfer my old H1B visa (3 years expired) to join another company? 2. If yes, then will the RFE on the H1B visa be a problem ?

Yes, you can transfer H1B Visa and join our Company. The H1B RFE will have no affect as you are in L1 Status.


1) Is it possible to apply for H1 transfer (w/ I-94 extended without going to home country) to your company using present receipt notice while extension is in progress? or I have to wait for my extension approval to do H1 transfer (w/ I-94 extended)?

A: We can process H1B Transfer with the Receipt Notice, using that as a Bridge. We can get an I-94 extended; you may not have to go to home country.

2) If I waited for my extension approval but if it is denied before applying transfer, still is it possible to apply for H1 transfer to your company with same H1 cap before leave to home country?

A: If your present H1B is denied and we apply for a transfer; you will not get an I-94 and you will have to travel and get a visa stamped at the Consulate. If you feel that the present pending extension may be denied, you must act quickly.

3) If my H1 transfer is applied in premium while extension in progress and approved before extension, but if my extension case with my employer is denied, will it affect transfer approval (w/ I-94 extended)?

A: It will not affect the new H1B, as we have filed when it is pending. You will remain in status


Question: i have a question regarding i94 expire: my wife applied for h1 transfer the case is still pending with supported RFE, and i am on dependent i mean H4 status, my i94 is expired 22 nd sep.i sent application for 1-94 extension with my wife petition

Answer: You are not out of status. If the Principal H1B is denied you will be out of status.



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