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Tuesday, 20 October 2015 17:00

AR-11 Change of Address H1B Employees

Have you moved?

Please ensure you update your new Address with USCIS immediately and change your Driver License to the new State within 30 Days. This is a regulation for all Non-US Citizens including Green Card Holders.

Please note that you will not change address using a Petition receipt number like H1B or I-140, this will update the Employer record with your address. You may do so for any dependent H4 Petitions.

DO NOT UPDATE MAILING ADDRESS ON YOUR H1B/I-140 PENDING CASES, It is illegal to update employer Address with USCIS to your address. Unless it's an H4 or H4 EAD Case.

How to Change Address Online?

Click Change Adress USCIS

Is this change of address for an application or petition currently in progress?



And change your address by providing an old and a new address. See attachment for more information!

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