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One of our Candidates has applied for an H1B Visa Stamping at US Consulate in Hyderabad. The H1B Visa stamping experience was very smooth and the visa interview was less than a minute. This candidate previously held and H1B Visa, we filed an H1B Visa Transfer (H1B Visa Extension) Petition with the USCIS under H1B Premium Processing Program and got an H1B visa approval.

  • Consulate fee paid at Axis Bank 11000 Rupees.
  • Two day interview Process.
  • Date:Thursday July 11, 2013 - HYDERABAD OFC Time:08:301-8-384/385 Ground Floor, Gowra Grand, S.P.Road,Begumpet,Secunderabad,500003
  • We need to provide finger print,
  • They took photos and they asked simple question like, what is your name? My Answer: xxxx
  • What is the purpose of traveling to US.
  • Work in US
  • Second Day:US consulate Hyderabad
  • Date:Friday July 12 8.00 AM
  • 1-8-323, Chiran Fort Lane, Begumpet, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500003
  • First they will provide interview scheduling number.
  • After that security check.
  • 1. Good morning,
  • VO Good Morning.
  • 2.VO Asked about passport and petition.
  • Provide the passport and I797 form.
  • 3.VO who is your employer.
  • Hire it people
  • VO what they will do.
  • IT consulating and services.
  • 4.VO who is your current employer?
  • IBM.
  • VO why your are leaving IBM.
  • For better opperunity to work in US.
  • 5. VO who is your Client.
  • client name XXXXXX.
  • VO Can you provide the client letter.
  • Yes i provided the client letter.
  • VO who signed in this offer letter.
  • my client.
  • Please keep the left hand finger.
  • Visa is approved


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