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Database Architect
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Location: LANSING MI
Job ID# 9995
Date Posted: 19 Apr 2017
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Short Description:  This position is for one DBA resource to work on the Qualified Voter File (QVF) refresh project.  The application is being written in web technologies using ASP.NET MVC 5, C#, and SQL with a MS-SQL backend database. 

Complete Description:  The project is to refresh the current State of Michigan Qualified Voter File (QVF) System and supporting applications to updated technology and supported DTMB standards.  This includes updating the user interface, application and database.  It is also to make sure that the current vendor support is a sustainable model for QVF system with its suite of applications such as QVF, QVF-GUI, QVF-Lite, E-Wizard, Street Index and Electronic Poll Book along with hardware and database components.
This position is for one DBA resource to work on the Qualified Voter File (QVF) refresh project.  The application is being written in web technologies using ASP.NET MVC 5, C#, and SQL with a MS-SQL backend database. 
The Senior Database Consultant, under State direction, will be responsible for database work related to the solution.  They will help to perform design and review tasks related to the QVF web portal with focus on database, conversion and data synchronization.  They will do initial data conversion between the current QVF database (Oracle) and the QVF Refresh database (SQL).  They will also use a software tool (SQL Server Integration Services), which will be used to keep the production databases in synch, close to real-time as possible, during the rollout phase of the project.
The Senior DBA will be executing tasks as defined in the State of Michigan’s Project Management Methodology (PMM) as well as the Systems Engineering Methodology (SEM). 
The Senior DBA MUST take ownership of the database and associated processes.  The DBA will work with the architect and business analyst but will maintain responsibility for database integrity, synchronization across environments, performance and adherence to standards.
The Senior DBA MUST be proactive in improving the database, technical processes and customer relationships.
Specific tasks may include but are not limited to:
Assist with the design of a highly available fault tolerant database infrastructure 
Assist with technical design activities, including optimizing data access for a web portal application, leveraging features in SQL to reduce latency, and providing insights that could improve application performance
Creation and maintenance of Application objects (For ex. Type of tables and indexes, Partition types/keys, foreign keys/constraints, segment type and size etc.)
Creation of processes to replicate production databases (de-normalized to normalized)
Help with layout application schemas and tablespaces
Define and maintain database roles and permissions for Application objects
Develop and execute statistics collection plan for application objects depending on volume and type of queries (For ex. Timing of statistics collections, Lock statistics, enable/disable HISTOGRAM etc.)
Review backup policy with System DBA and help suggest schedule/timings to avoid conflict with application processes
Review SQL execution plans on critical application queries
Help with Application code testing during application releases or DB upgrade/migration to avoid SQL performance issues
Bulk data uploads
Assist with infrastructure optimization and design, including identifying bottlenecks, improving responsiveness, and reducing single points of failure.

Technical support is required to assist with the following tasks:
Database design
Database conversions (Create, Maintain, Schedule and Run SSIS Packages
SQL query review and tuning
Replication software support
Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals, independently performs a variety of complicated tasks, a wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.
Designs and builds relational databases. Develops strategies for data synchronization and implementation of a database. Must be able to design, develop and manipulate database management systems. Requires a depth and breadth of database knowledge that shall help with formal design of relational databases and provides insight into strategic data manipulation. Capable of performing the role of a database administrator, if needed.

Skills Required:  
Database development with SQL Server Management Studio including creating models, designing DB objects (tables, indexes, view, stored procedures, etc), writing  DB procedures, functions and triggers, developing solution architecture from business requirements, information architecture and technical architecture.  Advanced SQL knowledge, software configuration and setup of the SQL translations needed between the Legacy and Refresh database, Data Modeling and Version control.
Must understand SQL Server Database projects and how they are applied across environments and how it is used in the version control process.

Required / Desired
of Experience
MS-SQL DBA experience - including creating models, designing DB objects (tables, indexes, views, etc.), writing DB procedures functions, and triggers.
Exp with SQL Server Integration Svcs. for ETL incl creating complex multi-step packages and optimizing drivers associated with pckgs for high performa
Experience as database architect developing solution architecture from business requirements, information architecture and technical architecture.
Adv. SQL knowledge: writing and maintaining large complex stored procedures, tuning SQL for optimum perf and creating and maintaining proper indexes
Experience with Version Control: Using a Source Control Systems (TFS or similar) to maintain a history.
Experience monitoring application related jobs and data replication activities


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