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Rochester, NY
Oct 2008 to Present

  • Developed a cross-platform GUI interface and text interfaces
  • Created an extensible testing framework with scripts
  • Implemented a group of web interfaces (http://rna.urmc.rochester.edu/RNAstructureWeb)
  • Standardized and expanded detailed documentation
  • Organized multiple software repositories for efficiency and ease of use

Proficient in programming and building cross-platform programs
Extensive experience in most major operating systems: Windows, Macintosh, and Linux/Unix

  • Programming Languages: Java (5, 6, and 7), C++
  • Scripting: Bash, PHP, JavaScript
  • Web Design: HTML (4 and 5), XML
  • Imaging: Postscript, SVG


  • Summer work at Confidential in bioinformatics programming; developed search
  • functions and an AJAX ontology browser (2007)
  • Developed Perl module as an analysis method for the Confidential (2008)
  • Connected C++ and Java code using Confidential (2009)
  • Wrote many text analysis programs in Java (2010-present)


  • Proficient in using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Able to work independently or in a team to manage tasks
  • Able to learn new skills and programming languages quickly


BS/MS Bioinformatics

  • Graduated with high honors from accelerated BS/MS progam
  • Thesis: Gene Finders
  • Two years in biochemistry program


  • Data organization
  • Web design
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