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With 25+ years in the IT field, I have programmed on many platforms and in many languages, the most recent have been Java (SE/Swing) and COBOL supporting an SQL/Oracle database. This has included full lifecycle from concept to first live batch. All the programming has met CMMI level 3 standards. In some cases I have functioned as the release manager for the quarterly release. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with an exciting new company.

Professional Employment

May 1999 to present
Senior Software developer
Germantown, MD
Rockville, MD

About the Project

For the last 13 years I have been part of a vital team of programmers working on the Direct Loan Servicing System (DLSS) contract. This contract tracks over 12 million borrowers through the government student loan process. We have been responsible for all the upgrades and congressional mandated changes to the loan processing system. This includes full project life cycle deployment from concept through first live batch. The software development life cycle (SDLC) has meet CCMI level 3 standards.

System development has been performed in JAVA/SE/EE/Swing and DEC forms on the front end and COBOL on the back end. The programs use SQL/Oracle database to track borrower's financials, demographics along with vast amounts of other information through the loan process. The system follows the borrower from first disbursements of the loan, maintaining its status by applying transactions online and in batch mode, performing billing and other correspondence to sending accounts to debt collection if necessary.

The batch functions are run using a scheduler during the daily/weekly and monthly time frames. The system is communicates with a number of outside agencies. Data is FTPed over a secure network to and from these agencies. An example of this would be if a borrower went back to school. That school would have to let us know the status of the borrower to take them out of repayment if necessary.


Responsibilities included developing and maintaining every aspect of the loan process including...

  • Adding tables and fields to the database.
  • Developing the software to carry the information from the entry screen or the transaction through its processing and calculations to be inserted or updated on the database.
  • Writing utility programs in to perform data cleanup on the database and data files. This would be necessary if, for example an incorrect billing went out or 1099s needed to be re-run.
  • Creating SQL queries to be used as input driver files.
  • Oracle DB modifications (table/column/keys).
  • Modifying the scheduler to perform new jobs as part of a release.
  • Ensuring that the version control for new and modified modules was complete.
  • Updating the job run documentation to allow production to know what steps to take to restart a job if there is a problem during the production run.
  • Preparing documentation for analysis and detailed design.
  • Due to the size and complexity of the system, the programmers were rotated to work on different aspects of the system; billing, reporting, transaction processing, screen entry, documentation, data cleanup, release management Etc.

Some Tools and Techniques Used

A number of computer applications are used in the day to day performance of my duties some include...

  • Office products such as Word, Excel and Outlook.
  • Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, Vista, 7
  • Toad is used on the PC for some the database applications.
  • Eclipses.
  • Java 5-6 including SE/Swing.
  • Creating/Modifying HTML.
  • Creating/Modifying XML files.
  • Other tools and procedure have been developed to maintain CMMI compliance.

Other Personal

  • Active security clearance
  • US citizen
  • I have only included my most recent employer, I can give you a full work history if you desire.
  • Other languages used Fortran, Assembly, Macro and C.
  • Past duties included:
    • Networking.
    • System administration on DEC equipment.
    • Technical writing.
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